Imagine a show or an event is coming to town.
You place an advert in the paper with the dates, performance times, location, and all the relevant information – that’s advertising.
When you arrive in town, you parade the elephants, horses, and all the performers down Main Street – that’s promotion.
When one of the elephants tramples the mayor’s garden and the reporters make a big deal out of it – that’s publicity and, when you resolve things and everyone is able to laugh about the mayor’s garden afterwards – that’s public relations.
If you planned the whole thing – THAT’S MARKETING.

  • Building Industry Awareness
  • Representation at trade exhibitions
  • Running industry standard Market Research
  • Supporting agency selections
  • Branding and positioning
  • Marketing strategy development
  • Implementing marketing plan, actions, creative solutions
  • Rules and procedures definition


  • Grand Opening Campaign (GO Campaign)
  • Grand Opening events (VIP and public)
  • Tenant relationship management
  • Post-opening marketing actions
  • Operating marketing KPIs
  • Setting and implementing the marketing strategy
    • Overview; analysis; challenges; objectives; SWOT; branding; target groups; marketing mix; event planning; campaigns; CSR; timing; relationship programs
  • Conduct Consumer & Media Research
  • Define and control the marketing budget
  • Define staffing
  • Define the project’s marketing rules and procedures
  • Perform the marketing audit – evaluation of facts; KPIs